Sharon Worosilo, MD thanks President Barack Obama for Endorsements of Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski

Following his endorsement of candidates Andy Kim in CD3 and Tom Malinowski in CD7, Sharon Worosilo, MD thanked President Barack Obama for his support as Democrats seek to take back the house:

She followed up with this tweet about the work ahead:

Recently Worosilo has attended events to support candidates around New Jersey and the country fighting to help Democrats take back the House and Senate.

Sharon Worosilo, MD with US Senator Cory Booker and Candidate For Congress Tom Malinowski

Sharon Worosilo, MD and NJDSC Chairman John Currie

She pointed to the statement by Chairman John Currie following the President’s endorsement:

“President Obama’s endorsements today are a true testament to the commitment Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski have for the future of New Jersey, as well as to the energy and enthusiasm they have each sparked in their respective districts. This is a well deserved acknowledgement for two candidates who are fighting for justice, equality, and opportunity as they push to help flip the house in November.”



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