Sharon Worosilo, MD Supports Dr. Christine Blasey Ford In Washington DC, Opposed Kavanaugh Nomination

As Dr. Christine Blasey Ford headed to Washington to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sharon Worosilo, MD made the trip to to DC to show her support, empathy and compassion for the courage being shown in making her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. Sharon Worosilo, MD was there to support Dr. Blasey Ford because she understands what it is like to not be believed when you are telling the truth.

Sharon Worosilo, MD was captured sobbing in the gallery during part of the testimony in the NY Times as she empathized with the accusations being made against Dr. Blasey Ford:

Dr. Worosilo visited offices of Senators around the Capitol leaving hand written notes voicing her support for Dr. Blasey Ford and opposition to Judge Kavanaugh.

You can see videos and more photos from Sharon Worosilo, MD’s trip to DC on her Facebook page here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here to get more of a feel for the atmosphere.


Sharon Worosilo, MD will continue to stand with people whose truth is not believed as she advances the fight to regain her own reputation from the false charges and attacks levied against her.

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