Sharon Worosilo, MD proud to support Bob Menendez for Senate, slams Bob Hugin for lying to doctors and patients

As the fall election begins to head down the home stretch, Sharon Worosilo MD continued to voice her overwhelming support for the re-election of Bob Menendez to the US Senate and thanked him for fighting for all Americans against the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the US Supreme Court:

While supporting Bob Menendez, Worosilo slammed Hugin for lying to doctors and patients:

As the head of Celgene, Hugin arbitrarily hiked the price of the pharmaceutical giant’s most successful cancer drug three times in one year, while simultaneously giving cancer patients in Russia a 45% discount on the same drug.  During the same period, Hugin personally made $48 million over his last 15 months at Celgene.  In defending his pricing decisions, Hugin admitted to price gouging American cancer patients, telling the Press of AC, “… if [a drug] becomes more effective and more valuable, then more value should be accrued to the drug.”

She pointed to this web ad for additional information:


You can view more ads about what Bob Hugin has done to make him wrong for New Jersey by clicking here.

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